Selecting student answers


When I am grading in GF, I find that as I go from class to class and select all - it selects in ALL classes not just the class I’m grading. That’s inconvenient especially in show your work questions when I’m grading in class batches. IS there a way to just work with one class at a time?

Thank you!

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If you have only the class you’re grading open, it will only select that class, in my experience. Make sure to minimize/close any classes you don’t want to grade.

Although, for me, being able to grade everything at once is one of the huge benefits of GF


I’m selecting all math answers in a class, unselecting incorrect ones and giving credit to the correct ones per class, and grading incorrect ones. If I grade one class, close it and then open the next class then when I press select all it selects all the answers in the previous class as well. Clicking on the students individually can be problematic because if you click in the wrong place it deselects everyone previously selected.

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Oh yeah I see. The only way I can see to prevent that is close the class, refresh, then open the new class.

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