Sending feedback to any student

I have asked about a forced submit feature that can submit all the students’ work in a class at once. The reason I asked for this feature is that I want to send feedback to those students who haven’t tried a math problem because they are stuck. Some students will not even attempt a problem if they do not know how to do it. I want to send them feedback but I can not until they try the problem (which they often do not) or the assignment has been submitted. I want to be able to send students feedback even if they have not yet worked on a problem.

Can you create a submit all function, so that I do not have to manually force submit all my students? Is there a way to force submit multiple students at once already built into Formative?


This feature is currently in development. Will keep you posted :slight_smile:


Please. I thought formative has this already!

@jnathan5 There’s an option in the view responses page to force submit the entire class now.
Screenshot from 2020-09-16 20-00-25

Thank you again for adding this feature. Could you make it so I do not have to check boxes individually? From my perspective, I assign 4 to 5 assignment every week to around two-hundred students. Some quick math, sorry I am a math teacher. If only half my students consistently will click submit on their own. That means I will be clicking around 500 boxes a week the entire school year. Yes I know that I can schedule the assignments to close and that there is a time limit feature, thank you for those I use them frequently, but there is no way to send feedback to a student who has not attempted a problem. Force submitting a student’s work allows me to send feedback to all my students on a problem that they did not attempt for whatever reason.

On a separate but related issue. Can you can an option to that changes no responses to 0’s. My students are still confused about why their 90%'s suddenly change to F’s when the assignment closes. I have already had to explain this to parents and students alike. I know the way it is set up right now is intended, but could you give teachers the option to switch it. My students and parents are confused.

Thank you again for adding more features to your platform!