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I have two teachers on my team that I’ve convinced to use GoFormative! But they are having a lot of trouble because it’s so much to take in! Does anyone have a “cheat sheet” or step-by-step guide of how to do the basic things of GoFormative? I have looked around a little and may not be searching the right key words, but can’t find anything! Google turned up one, but it was outdated to the current features! I’m just looking for the basics like assigning an assignment to guest students and assigning to Google, settings, etc.

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Oo Ooo…I’d like one too if any one shares!!

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“assigning to Google”

Are you teachers going to be using google classroom to import students?

@Emily_Fintel Have you checked out our help center? It’s got quick, visual tutorials about using Formative. There are a couple articles in there that we are doing touch-ups on, but it should be pretty accurate :slight_smile: Let me know if you spot anything that needs updating!

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This “Formative within a Formative” was created mt @michael.lutz was updated in February.

Perhaps it can help

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