Settings for returning scores or answers

Unless I am incorrect, there are certain settings that are default from goformative. I am takling specifically about the options to allow students to see scores or not and also to see answers or not, etc. Why not make an option for a teacher to create and set the defaults for assignments. For example, I want to give an assignment and have the students see the score and result/answers as soon as they submit it. As of now it appears that I have to go in and do that ggor each assignment and class. Why can I not be given the opportunity to set this up in settings so that it will automatically do this. Right now, by default it does not return scores or schow answers. Can I change that once and therefore it will always by default start out that way and tyhen later I can change it if I want. Is this possible already? I don’t think it is. Thank you.

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Hey Alexander,

Premium users are able to set and save their assign settings, from their settings page.

I’d love to invite you to try out premium for free for a month so you can try out the saved assign settings. We currently have a promotion where any team of at least three teachers can try out premium for one month without adding any credit card information. There is no obligation to continue after the month has ended, and if, after one month, you decide not to continue with premium, your account would simply return to the basic plan. We are offering this because we think it is important for teachers to really be able to test out the full access before purchasing so that you know how great it is.  To access the pilot, when logged in to your Formative account, click “Try Premium” in the top right hand corner. Please select “Team pilot” and then select “Start FREE instant pilot.” Please complete the FREE Instant Pilot Request Form.

Please let us know if you ever have any questions, or if you have any suggestions for us. We are always working to make Formative better for you and other educators! Be sure to keep an eye on our Product Updates for new features.