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Per Looking for formatives to share at a PD

I am also giving a PL on Formative. I found several exemplars in the library and would like participants to “see” them without having to clone. Is there a link to the “library version” of the formatives?
Is it true that if new users clone a formative that contains premium features that the premium features will not work? Thanks for any help!


Hello @robyn.porter. According to what I know, …

Each library item has its own URL so, you can give out those during your PD and although they open in the library you can see each on that right-side panel:

for example An amazing Formative within a formative - Michael Lutz | Library | Formative shows:

while Water Cycle - Mariana Garcia-Serrato | Library | Formative opens to

For the second part of the question. In my experience, when a user closes a formative with premium features the premium features do still work even if the cloner is not a premium user. The cloner will not be able to add any other premium features but whatever was already in there remains. I had a premium account before my teaching partner did and for a while, I was the one creating formatives for both of us and never had a “this did not work” related to a cloned Formative issue.


Amazing @mgarcia ! Thanks so much!

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Thank you. I appreciate your share :grinning: :grinning:

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