Share Your Formative New Year's Resolution!

Hey @new_members @informed_members @Certified_Educators !

To celebrate the new year, we’d love to invite you all to share something new you plan on doing with Formative in 2019! In addition to sharing new ways that you are going to use it, feel free to share the impact that you plan on having with it! Are you going to use it to encourage a growth mindset in your students? give them a greater voice in their education? create a culture of learning where students feel comfortable discussing peer thinking? Let’s dream big together!



I have an idea to try to ‘gamifify’ some of my Formatives … I have been playing Jack Box Games (interactive ones like QuipLash) this break and thought it would be cool to try and put up some prompts and have students respond and then have students ‘vote’ (not sure how I will do this yet) on responses (hide names) they like best and have conversations on the ones picked. Still thinking on how to try this … any suggestions welcome.


I made a Formative this past year where I didn’t put in any correct answers. So, nothing was auto graded. Then I hid student names, and we looked at the answers. Students then walked along an imaginary scoring line the room to ‘vote’ for how many points the answer got. (It turns out they were harder graders than I was!)

Another option is to embed a polling site into a formative.


As soon as I saw your post I thought Padlet. Although this would be a two-step process, you could ask students to post their answers on an embedded Padlet, and use their “reactions” feature where students could like, upvote or downvote an answer.


My formative New Year resolution is to make use of the recent “image for feedback” feature, to include bitmojis or other relatively fun images. My goal with this is to encourage students to look at feedback and revise answers as they “search” to obtain something like:



I love the idea of gamifying formatives and having students vote! You could have students respond to prompts via the formative, review the responses together as a class, and add a last question (ex: MC, short answer) to the formative where students could vote. As @tricia.mintner noted, you could make it so it wasn’t auto-graded and even set it to be worth zero points. You could then review the results as a class. Would that work well?


I think bitmojis would be a great way to encourage students to look at feedback. I could also see GIFs and memes working well too! You can couple the images you send with a written message so you can still give students the specific feedback they need to further their learning!


Now that my role has changed, I find that I have more influence over a greater number of teachers within my district, but I do not use Formative as much on a weekly basis like I did. I have added GoFormative on our Nine Digital Capacities under Formative and Summative Assessment and have made a PD Module for it. I plan to section out a more detailed PD Module to possibly offer microcredentials over the summer for this and other apps approved by our county. I want to try to see the initial interest and possibly ask those who choose the PD Module to then go through the Formative Certified Educator Program. Sound like a lot, but I figure it’s 2019 - might as well dream big! Have a great year everyone!


This is an awesome Formative New Year resolution!

We are going to be rolling out a new program where teachers can earn certificates of completion for watching Formative webinars. They’ll then be able to submit their certificates to admin for PD credit. This is going to work very similarly to how we did it for #FormativeSummit ! Once I have more details, I’ll definitely share them with you and would love to hear your feedback!