Sharing a Rule of Four go formative

Hi Everyone,
My district is really into creating “Rules of Four” basically it is multiple representation of one word problem. We have created a bunch of these for most units. I am sharing one of them that I have taken the paper version and “goformativized” it. I then make a copy of this formative and change of the original PDF with just small changes to my questions. I know many districts do something similarly and just call it by a different name (I’ve heard it referred to as a “diamond” question??) Anyhoo, I thought I would share it out to see if anyone could use it or it sparks someones creative juices.



I’ve never heard of this, but I like it. It really reinforces the multiple questions that can be asked given a specific situation. It also allows for students to be successful somewhere in the problem. Once you figure out a student’s area of strength, you can build on it and connect it to the other areas.

Thanks for sharing!

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