Short Answer Key Update

@david Before the update…I remember grading short answer questions and having the ability to edit the question above the results. This was handy, in that I didn’t have to go back to edit, find the questions, make the edit, then go back to results…

Can we get that ability back?

For example: I am grading a short answer question in which students are watching a video. I am going to accept different spellings of the word for the Mars-sized planet that slammed into the Earth to form the moon (according the to Giant Impact Theory of Moon Formation). So originally, I have the correct answer as Thea but in looking at the student’s responses, I know that I need to add more correct answers.

Could I select the question from the list, the question ‘preview/edit’ pane appear above…

Add the other right answers…ex. the, theae, fea

the question then is regraded and updated?

This is what I remember happening before…

Any thoughts? Miss this when grading short answers.

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That was a very handy feature that we can definitely consider re-implementing. We record every feature request we get and use that among other factors to help determine when to implement features. While that timeline is constantly changing as new needs arise, we are thinking about developing a public facing board where you can post feature requests like this and other teachers can comment and up-vote on them. While we’d still be receiving feedback from other places, this will most likely give you a better idea of the features that teachers are wanting. Let me know if this sounds useful to you!


I totally miss this ‘add a correct answer’ feature in the ‘new’ formative as well. I tend to make questions where the math answer could be typed in a variety of ways and it was nice to be able to copy a student answer and add it to the list straight from that question’s response page.


Thanks, Tricia! We noted that you would like to see this as well :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere. When students type in an answer such as x=3 I have to type it in with and without spaces for it to accept it both ways. Is there a way around this so spacing becomes obsolete in equations. It just becomes tedious especially with longer equations.


Hey Melissa, welcome to our community! Spaces do not count in terms of auto-scoring so it should be marking both x=3 and x= 3 correctly if you just enter one or the other. I just tested this out to confirm! I just sent you a private message to follow up in case you are still seeing that spaces are counted.

By the way, you can use the search bar in the top right of the screen to search our community by keyword. So if you want to see if others have already discussed something, you can check there!

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I know at the beginning of the year I had this same issue, but somewhere in February or March I noticed that spacing didn’t seem to be an issue. I was giving live feedback to the class and was watching a student enter their answer. I noticed that the format was inconsistent and I was ready to send a comment about spacing when his answer auto-graded Green. I was pleasantly surprised. I was spending a lot of time typing in all the possible ways students could enter an answer. Sometimes I would have 20 different correct answers depending on whether students used spacing/no spacing, coefficients of 1 or not, or if students placed terms in a different order.

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