Show your work and differentiation

Differentiation can be effectively possible by using ‘show your work’.
Suggest some ways to make it more effective.

Hi, Sindhu!

If you are looking to make any form of differentiation “more effective”, your best bet would be creating those differentiated Formatives for the students you identify as needing modifications. It’s pretty easy!

Here’s a good way to go about it…

Create your “main” Formative. This would be the document that you would consider “top tier”, i.e., needing no modifications or adjustments for students who have 504s, IEPs, or need modifications based on your professional assessment of their proficiency level or learning style.

Make a copy of the “main” Formative and slightly adjust its title (you can use M1 to represent modification 1). Modify the questions as you see fit to represent the adjustments you want. This can be applied to more than the Show Your Work questions. For example, change a 4-option multiple choice question to a 3-option multiple choice question. Or, provide a word bank for fill-in-the blank questions (versus not having a word bank). Or, adjust the type of Show Your Work question to reflect a modified question.

Assign the students their respective Formative (“main” or modified) accordingly, and you will have delivered assessments to all students that are academically sound but with their learning styles or formally assigned parameters (e.g. 504) in mind.

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