Show your work - with teacher inserted images

I love the show your work feature that allows you to input a background. I am using this to guide some of my students to the answer (very useful now during remote teaching since I am not there to discuss with them.

I have seen increased success when I use this feature.

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I always type the Question also on the Show your work background, because some of my students complained that when they click Show your work. they can’t see the question anymore - I teach math, so that makes it easier for them.


That’s a great idea. I typically add a coordinate plane in the background so students can sketch the graph.

That is a great tip. As a teacher we often forget to think about how the S views the info.

This is a formative for the periodic table that has students show their work.

I have been trying to use the show your work feature for analyzing political cartoons. The only issue is students forget to add a text box to explain the cartoon after circling details.

Hey Mary! Maybe a possible solution is to make it a short answer question, so students can’t miss the typing to explain (they could always add text boxes on the attached SYW) and then attach a show your work workspace?

I love the idea of a video at the beginning. Do you know if there is a way to track whether students have watched the video, either some or all of it?

I would make a similar suggestion as made before For adding explanations. Create a separate open ended response question to summarize the video content. I don’t know a specific way to track whether they watched it. Of course, their participation in watching the video will be evidence in their response to the questions.