Simple student reflection each day in math

I started asking for student reflection on every math formative. It’s the very last question on their math formative, and it lets me know me how my students are “feeling” about what they learned. Sometimes, this is very different than the actual score on their formative assessment. Interesting!


@jkim6 Add an essay box where your students can write with their own words how they felt, what went well or where they stuggled. This will give you more inside knowledge.


Thanks, Michael! Great point! I do use open ended responses, too. I find the quick check multiple choice before they rush out to recess is beneficial as well. That way I can quickly pull for a small group right away. Keep the comments coming. I’m learning so much. This community is amazing!

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I love this idea! Did you have to do some preteaching on reflection?


Yes. With any new structure for my 5th graders, they need directions and practice. We discussed as a class the importance of this question, and why it is included daily.