Small whiteboard area

How can students expand the whiteboard space when showing their workings? It seems it cannot really scroll down.

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I triple this request! Or add the ability for students to add another whiteboard page. Some write or draw bigger than others. They are getting frustrated and that’s my favorite option to use.

Exactly! Thanks so much. Some workings may require much space. The whiteboard should be scroll-able for pupils when working on it.

Just wanted to update that this idea was presented to our @Certified_Educators as part of a Feature Vote and it won! :tada:

We’re not quite sure exactly how it’ll look but we’re thinking of adding a zoom option to give more or less workspace.


Zoom option to the show your work feature? If so - great!!! Thanks

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It would also be nice to have a scrolling feature. I have had to break up larger passages for my students to annotate. So looking forward to this!!!

Yep @Rachel_Kerr. :grinning:

@cshepherd we thought about scrolling or even a second page but it could alter the teacher’s view in the View Response page whereas zoom in/out would still allow the teacher nearly the same view while providing students more or less space to work depending on what they choose.

With that said, we’re open to ideas on how to implement it. I’m loving that you guys are already replying!


AWESOME! The small size really does limit the potential of this feature

I think zoom in /out should be fine as long as both students and teacher can use it. Awesome :slight_smile:

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I forgot to mention one difficulty that my students have while typing with text option from show your work. While typing of course they miss spell or missing a symbol from compound names… when they want to go back to add it does not allow unless if they erase and rewrite it. which waste a lot of their time.
From my side i am in big need of being able to annotate on student work in order to quickly assist them with feedbacks.
still big fan of goformative :smile:

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I find this frustrating as well. I’m glad we can edit our typing now, but it would be even better if we could click anywhere in the text box… and edit in text.


@tricia.mintner my colleagues and I were just discussing the editing text thing earlier. I’m hoping we can make changes soon. I may put it up for the Feature Vote for Certified Educators again this week to show need/interest. I hope to see your vote. :grinning:


Will definitely be seeing mine :slight_smile:

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