Some Features I Would Like to See

Hey, everyone. I’m sure some of these have already been mentioned elsewhere, but I feel that they are important.

First and foremost, I feel the ability to print your Formative would be very helpful. For me, I have created letters that I send out to parents stating what their child received on the specific assessment. I include information giving the Formative website so they can review it online, but not all of my students have access to computers at home.

Secondly, I feel that the “Show Work” tool for students could be improved. To me, it is difficult to write effectively with the different options for this category of question. As a result, I still have students complete their work on a separate sheet of paper and simply input their final answer.

Next, I would like to see some sort of alert system for when a student inputs a response (again I’m unsure of whether this ability already exists). Should I assign a prompt over the weekend, it would be great to know when responses are submitted with a timestamp.

Finally, I would like to see the fraction input function simplified, a matching category added to item types and the ability to manipulate number lines within Formative. I am now teaching ratios in math and would like the ability to have the students set up double number lines in order to find equivalent ratios. With regard to inputting fractions, I find it somewhat tedious to do as do my students. Matching Formatives would be helpful for any terms quizzes I give as well.

I am close to becoming a Formative Certified Educator. I am excited to see the new possibilities and options that will be available to me as a result of this new level. I also plan on providing support and information to my coworkers as very few are familiar with this program. I have attached an image of the letter I send home should anyone else want to use it.59%20PM


Thanks for the feedback Alex! You have some great ideas here that we can definitely explore.

You can now see the time when students have submitted a formative as shown here:

We can definitely consider giving you an alert as well.


I would like to see a way to students to be able to input fractions for free response answers especially for mixed number answers.

I would like to able able to assign partial points automatically some some answers. For example I can predict some of their answers and I know what I would give them for partial points.

To be able to give bonus points.

To be able to insert an image into a question without linking to to a site. I never have success with my students seeing the image. I can see it but they cannot.

Printing the Formative would be a nice option. I have had times when GoFormative has go down when I need to test or the internet is down. I can make quick copies if needed provided I can make a print in the morning.

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@lara.applegarth These are great ideas! We record every piece of feedback we get and I just had some quick follow up questions:

Which question types would you like partial credit (auto-scoring) for?

It’d be great if you could describe how you would envision this working and why it would be important useful for you :slight_smile:

Hmm, this sounds very odd. I’ll follow up with you over personal messaging to troubleshoot further!

@david Thanks for the quick follow up.

I mainly use the Short Response in my math class for the auto response. For example, I can give partial credit if they get the correct numerical answer, but partial if they leave off the unit of measure or use the incorrect unit. Also, partial credit for small rounding errors. I am predict those errors too.

There are times I like to give a challenge question during a assessment. If they get it wrong, I do not want to count against them. Also, sometimes there are students who go above and beyond and can gain a point or two. It would be nice to express that.

I just tried to use OneDrive again for pictures for a Quiz tomorrow. I can see them … fingers crossed they can … I can’t print so I have no quick fix for it.


Thanks for following up Lara! I haven’t heard many requests for Short Answer partial credit (auto-scoring). That being said, I can see how this would be really useful and we appreciate the feedback! Also, thanks for explaining how bonus points work in your classroom. Do you give them for all types of assessments? How do they factor into the overall grading breakdown for your class? I’m wondering what you’d ideally like to see if a student gets more points than a formative is worth!

Is there a way to sort / group answers? For example in a multiple choice question sort responses into a b c and d or sort show your work to group similar / different process (instead of just alphabetical). Would be great to show to debate answers, organize learning groups, compare and contrast, and more.


Not yet, but this was on our @Certified_Educators weekly feature vote, last week :slight_smile: We’ll put it back on for the next one!

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Guess I should read more carefully … excited about potentially to print student progress … know where my next vote will be :wink:

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It would be AMAZING if the numeric answers could be included in the answer key! My students love seeing the red/green instant feedback dots, but we can’t use it when we are working with symbols and exponents. Typing things like 4x^4+3x^2 in the short answer gets much too messy and puts a focus on typing rather than the math.

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Thanks for the feedback! Check out this workaround that @michelle.wooten found!


I would like to see a blurring option so I can hide specific questions from students or they have to submit an answer to a question before seeing the next one.


I could see how that would be very useful. Thanks for the feedback! We record every piece we get!

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I would like to be able to view student responses in full screen. I like to share exemplar responses with my students and right now it is hard to do that.

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You can currently use the sliding bar to show only one student response on the screen at a time! The GIF linked below shows how this works (the image is blurry when enlarged, but that no longer happens)! It’d be great to hear if this works well for you or if there’s anything we can do to improve upon it!

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I don’t have access to Google Classroom, so would would love to see an integration of a Remind feature/link/button to send out to students and parents when Formatives are available.

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This is a great idea that I haven’t heard of yet! We can definitely consider it!

These are great ideas! I think the bigest struggle I have is sharing the Formatives with parents. It would be great if there was a parent view link!


Thanks for joining our orientation earlier, Kellie! I like the idea of a parent view link! Would you like parents to see everything that a student can (their formatives, responses, scores, feedback)? Is there anything else you’d want them to be able to see? :slight_smile:


That would be a perfect parent view. I’ve tried to take screenshots and send them to parents, but that is so time consuming!