Sorting/Organizing Formatives and Folders

I may not be seeing it, but it would be helpful to be able to sort/organize my Formative folders and Formatives in general. For instance, it would be great to drag and drop the folders that I use the most to the top of my list as opposed to just having the option to sort by Date or Name. I know you can use the “Move” option when you select a folder and move it to “Home.”, but it would be nice to drag and drop. Fewer clicks. :nerd_face: Anyway we can make that happen? :thinking:


I think this is a great idea as I too find myself wanting to have certain folders and formatives at the top of my list that aren’t sorted by date and name. I’d love to hear if other educators would like to see this too or have other requests around sorting/organizing formatives and folders!

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I would request a sort by last opened/recently assigned, as well as a search by keyword.
Sort by last opened - Although I have things relatively organized, I often find myself searching for the formatives that I need to grade/see since they are “buried” within a grade level folder, topic, alpha. I often end up going through Google classroom and clicking like the kids do so I can go into the specific formative I need to look at.

Search by keyword - Since we changed to an integrated model for science, I find that formatives hat I created for 5th are now used by 6th (or whatever combination), and it is cumbersome to try to find them. I remember that this did not win a vote a while back, but maybe we could resurect it.


I‘d love to click on a folder or a Formative and :star: it. This one then is located in a seperate :star: section.


This is a great idea and might be a little easier for us to do in the short term.

We realized that this one might take longer so we hesitate putting it back into our feature vote. That being said, we definitely haven’t forgot about and still see it as being a very important feature to consider aside from the vote :slight_smile:

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I love this idea too! @geilers would this potentially meet your needs? I am just thinking that the drag and drop interface might be a much more intensive feature to develop.

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Totally! That would be something to help categorize those formatives that are used a bit more regularly than others. Thanks!