Spanish culture. La tomatina

Below is the link to a Formative about La tomatina food festival in Spains for my 8th grade Spanish class.

la tomatina

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This is awesome Danielle! I used to teach about La Tomatina by having my students read a passage and respond to comprehension questions on paper. I like how you’ve embedded Edpuzzle and Flipgrid to engage your students and think it works really well for this cultural activity! I definitely encourage other @WorldLanguages_Eds to check it out!


I didn’t know you taught Spanish, I thought you were Special ed! How cool!


Yeah, I co-taught introductory Spanish for two years as the special educator! It was definitely one of my favorite subjects to teach alongside math!


Hi Danielle,

The short text provides background cultural knowledge of the La Tomatina. Complex English vocabulary words are bolded which draw students’ attention. The Edupuzzle further enhances students’ understanding and engage them to identify factual information mentioned in the video. Will you consider using some questions stems to distinguish the progression of comprehending the text?

I particularly love how you have embedded the Flipgrid at the end and have students connect the text with the personal experience. I did not know we can embed Flipgrid before! Through the videoing recording, students will become more aware of their verbal and non-verbal communication and thus improve their oral presentation.

Since this is a Spanish class, how would the target language and grammar be introduced? Will students be required to speak in Spanish when recording their responses?

Thank you for sharing!



Hi Danielle!!
This is so great! Do you have other Hispanic culture Formatives? …I’m building my arsenal and would love to see what you have!!!

Also, I was looking at your Twitter account and see that you’re a #flipgrid expert. I’ve been recording student responses for years using other tools that seem like a somewhat ridiculous workaround now if I can combine the superpowers of Formative with Flipgrid…would love to see an example or 2 of the different ways you use it (I’m just now wading in the shallow end of Flipgrid figuring it out!)

¡Muchísimas gracias!




This is my only culture formative right now. I just switched schools so I have a whole new account. I’m excited to create more of them throughout the year. Let me know if you have any good ones to share too.

Two of my favorite things to do on flipgrid are to give students speaking tasks and then have them choose which ones to record. I also like to take what ever we are working on in a day and have that be an exit slip.

I read about an activity on PBL in the Tl and students had to speak to other students and then come to the teacher and complete a speaking task. I had them do the speaking part on flipgrid. If i can find the link i’ll send it to you.

What are your favorite ways to use Flipgrid?



I just created my first assignments today in Flipgrid. …just testing the waters! I recently assigned a presentation in which some kids did very well and others…not so much. I broke the requirements into smaller chunks and created a topic for each in my grid. I recorded myself as a model responding to each part and will offer some ‘redemption’ points for kids who attempt to model a new response after my example. I plan to present and offer it to my students who show up for after school tutoring tomorrow. I’m anxious to see how this first task plays out and will take it from there…

I also shared the resource with the French teacher who will be teaching IB with me next year…we were both excited at the possibilities for our students with the IB tasks and curriculum!

Have you incorporated with Formative at all yet? I plan to ‘play around’ with the idea tomorrow…

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