Splitting a PDF

I am uploading a PDF from our text series, but it is 10 pages. Is there an option to split it into multiple formatives? I thought I had done it before where I just dragged the pages to each formative, but now I can’t find it.

Hi there,

When you upload a PDF it will be split into pages into a single formative as a question per page. You can use this formative as your base, and then create new formatives for each page. Using the item bank (bottom right option of image), you can search your base formative and then select individual pages/questions to place into your new formative.


Yes. :slight_smile: Once you upload all 10 pages, you have two options:
(1) just Copy the Formative assignment and delete the pages you don’t want, or
(2) create a new Formative and import or ‘add’ questions from your own Formative question bank.

A third option is useful if you don’t need all 10 pages…
(3) split them before you upload. Just ‘print to PDF’ the pages you want and save them on your computer. Then upload only those pages into my Formative.