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I used Goformative as a review on our Conservation and Energy unit as a teacher in NC to align with the standards in my state. I like the fact that everything they need is in one platform. I didn’t know how to get them assign the apply section to individual students so I had to put that part on Google Classroom the next day and provide a copy for each student.


I like how you you are using the Show Your Work question to let your students share the information they gather at each station. I bet this provides you with some useful data for figuring out how to best support students at the different stations! I am tagging @Science_Educators in case didn’t see your formative here as well. Feel free to use tags like this to get the attention of other subject-area teachers!

By the way, nice workaround for assigning to individual students. Not sure if you are doing the same thing as @baumannan, but just in case you aren’t, I thought I’d share!

We can definitely consider giving you the ability to do so within Formative!


This is awesome. thank you for sharing.

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I too do what @baumannan does in Google Classroom, However being able to share, different parts of the formative, with specific students, instead of having to clone the same formative ( and then rename) would be awesome! Until then I adjust. Thanks for listening.

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I would like to be able to assign a formative to specific students as well, but we are not using G classroom anymore. Anyone @Science_Educators have experience with Power School Learning as an LMS??

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@rsanders @kcouchon Thanks for the feedback! We record every piece :slight_smile:

I don’t have experience with the LMS, but can you create modules? If so, you can create specific modules for specific students. I hope this helps.

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A lot of teacher in my building use Google Classroom, but I find it too limiting. I am using the free version of I can create groups and assign specific Formatives with only part of a class, or I can assign to individual students.

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