Standards for a formative

Wondering if there is a way to assign standards to an entire formative instead of each question?

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Our formative checks are short, usually 2-3 questions. So what we’ve started doing is making each formative a 1 question “Show your work” problem and then uploading a picture of those 2-3 problems as the background for the “show your work” problem.

Not sure if that’s helpful in your case, but it fits what we are doing better than looking at each individual question. We give formatives based on each standard, so that’s the only work-around we’ve found so far.

In some of my assignments, I ask the same question, just in a different manner – so the standard is the same for all 5 questions…It would just be nice to say this formative (or summative) goes with this standard…instead of having to input the standard 5 or more times.

Did you figure out how to tag an entire assignment with a standard?

nope…still annoying… :frowning:

My workaround: Put the tag on a final question that does not have a built in answer key. This forces the teacher to grade it. (I usually make it a reflection question.) Then give that problem the same score as the student earned on that assignment. Bonus: It makes it easy to identify students who finish an assignment later than the rest.