Student answers don't match what I see

I have a student that worked on a rearrange question. She placed 2 out of 5 responses in the correct place on my end. Her parent insists that the questions were correct on her end. (This is the second time I have had this issue with this student. The other time it was drag and drop vocabulary matching.)I took a screenshot of her answers on my screen and shared it with her. I asked the parent to send me a screenshot of her answers but he basically is annoyed with me at this point and denied.
Has anyone else had this issue? Suggestions are appreciated.

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I always tell kids to send me screenshots of things they think are scored incorrectly. I’ve even added 0 point show your work problems to the end of specific assignments so kids can upload a screenshot right there. Most of the time, I find it is user error, or parents work the problem wrong, too.