Student audio didn't submit

I just did my first test with audio responses by students. The activity was timed. Only 3 responses actually submitted, the other responses submitted unanswered. Some students mentioned that Goformative told them they needed to refresh their screen while they were taking the test. What happened and what should I do to avoid it in the future? Thanks!

Hi @Mary_Perez-Korinko, thanks for posting in the forum. It’s tough to say what could have happened here. If the internet connection was poor, and the students had left the page or closed the window before the answer was saved that may cause something like this. Although an alert will be shown to the student if they try to leave the page while while answers are saving.

It sounds more likely that an error occurred, since I can’t think of any message that is displayed telling a user to refresh (other than the error modal). If you email support the student who reported the problem, they can look up the error if there was one.

Makes sure that the microphone is allowed to be use in their browser. We use ipads so their microphone must be allowed in Safari.