Student Buy In and Ownership of Learning

How are you getting students motivated to make corrections to their Formative once you have given feedback? How are you getting students to “buy into” the program and see the value of what they are doing? I have a difficult group this year and getting them to see the value in their education and what we are doing has been difficult. Any ideas for this would be great!


Feedback only works when students are ready and willing to take action. I am unsure if there is any research can really conclude what motivates students to act upon feedback yet. Some suggestions might help to motivate students in the formative and feedback process.

  1. Explicitly discuss the purpose of formative assessment and feedback
  2. Help students to see the connections between the formative and summative
  3. Provide time and possible prompt questions to reflect on the comment and identify strategies to improve (Many students might not have strategies to move to their next level; and therefore, it is essential for teachers to provide actionable feedback.
  4. Allocate time for students to clarify the teacher feedback and ask questions.

I have modified DEFT feedback framework for secondary school students. Perhaps it might be helpful to your students. I came across this article today, [15 Reflections Strategies To Help Students Retain What You Just Taught Them] This might be helpful as well.

Once we move beyond correction feedback, we can also focus on process feedback and self-regulated feedback to promote deeper thinking.

Hope this helps.



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