Student Feedback Tool & Self Assessment Tip

Hi friends!
Two things that I LOVE about using GoFormative is the ability to quickly provide student feedback and assess their learning. When I create Formatives, I make sure to change the settings to where students receive feedback/the correct answers after making their final submission. This allows students to know what they got wrong or correct before leaving the class. This way, if they have questions they can ask before they leave or forget. I also add a self assessment question each day asking the students to explain their understanding on a scale of 1-4, or sometimes I put silly memes! This allows me to keep track of which students need extra help in a way that does not put them in front of the class.

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I love this tip. One of my favorite tips is to keep the “hide names” feature on and project the student results for the current assignment on the board while I’m circulating the room. This helps me to know which question most students are having trouble with so I can take a quick glance, stop the kids, and then go to the board and review with them so that I’m not working through the same question over and over as I walk around.