Student Not Able to Login

I have a student who has logged in successfully several times this year but all of a sudden cannot. She has tried several browsers and is sure of her password.

Is there a way I can re-invite her? It would not matter if her grades were synced with previous lessons because I record the grades on another website through our co-op.

Thanks for any help.

Many of my students have had the same issue. They were going to, and their login issues were resolved when I told them to go to instead.

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I agree with @bpuett. Lots of issues. They redirected but not the shortened version without the WWW. I’ve had to help students change all their bookmarks as well as all the links in my Google Classroom. Most of the kids figured it out on their own and changed the bookmarks, but in the last week I’ve only had a few students that needed help changing their short cuts. :slight_smile: