Student print out of questions/answers

I am wondering if there is an option where students can print out the questions and their answers? I know that I can print out the formative from my screen to give to students who would like a paper copy. (It is not formatted in a way that does not require many pages and it prints out the latex keyboard that I wish was different)
I require my students to have a notes book and sometimes I would like a review that I do as a physical copy after they are done in formative.
I hope that I am making sense…:grin:


There is currently not an option for this, but I could see how this could be convenient.

It’d be great to hear how you’d ideally like it to be formatted!

Interesting…so you like them to print out their completed formatives so that they can use them for review?


I didn’t use the print option but a few types for these exact reasons. Length: 5-6 pages for a document that should have only been 2 pages was excessive and I didn’t want to waste paper. The extra space is largely due to not being able to adjust the size of the whiteboards and SYW canvases.
Latex: Instead of a math symbols and fractions, the latex coding printed out. It defeated the point of typing in the coding in the first place.
@david: If the actual math symbols printed out that would be awesome. Also, I believe the document defaults to print as a PDF. If there was a way to save to .doc or .docx, then we could resize the pics before printing.

One workaround I do is to create a Word document first… and upload it. I then place my bubbles on the document itself. Then, if I need to print a hard copy, I have it. Of course, this would not work for students printing notes.

I’ve considered using Formative as notes, but came up with the same problem for printing. I guess I could have my students take screenshots and paste them into Word… which could be printed.

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I would love for my students to be able to printout the questions and answers if I would like it to act as notes for the lesson. When I do a flipped activity where they may have to write and give more than multiple choice answers, I like to go back in class and have them type in more accurate definitions so that they can use the formative as a study guide for a test or the midterm. It would be nice if they could print out their responses with the questions, but in a more condensed format. There is a ton of space in-between. As you can see, two questions take up a whole page! Sometimes, I would also like to annotate or add to a lesson, so a printout sometimes would be helpful.


Thank you so much for the detailed notes and suggestions! We can definitely consider working on cleaning up the printed version of the formative so that extra space from the whiteboard and SYW canvases no longer appears.

Would you be able to send me the link to your formative via private messaging so I can take a look. I am not having this same issue!

Thanks for sharing more about how you would have your students use a print feature! Regarding, optimizing the print format, we can definitely consider this. Regarding the particular screen shot you shared, how could we make this shorter without shrinking the graphs too much? Put the questions side by side?

Maybe just shrink them? They take up a whole page! Yes, maybe side by side would work. Maybe the educator can decide how big/small they would like the images…like in smart notebook slides when I export them to PDF (I can say full page/large/med/small slides.


We discussed this today and it seems technically very doable!

I like this idea too!

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