Student review use of Go Formative

I was wondering how students would review their content - Say if I wanted to make a Formative for a unit review? How do students access information from the formative to study? Also, can it be put in their Google Drive for their access? - or do I just put the link in their Google Classroom for them to review? What do you think?

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Hi, @susansharplehr! I really like using Formatives as study guides and review sheets. My students like them too—the students enjoy instant feedback as they study. I don’t use google apps, so I can’t advise you there, but I can tell you what I have found works for my kids when I build reviews. Here’s the list:

  • I make a series of short Formatives for kids to work through, like a playlist. If we are reviewing one skill, each Formative increases in difficulty or complexity. If we work with multiple skills (or lots of content), then each Formative focuses on just one part. That keeps the review process manageable. (And I can assign specific parts to specific students.)

  • I put the notes/videos/readings the students need to answer the review questions right in the Formative, so that all the materials are in one easy place.

  • Whenever possible, I put the correct answers in the key. (I teach Language Arts, so that doesn’t always work.) Then I set the Formative to give the students instant feedback. I want them to be able to check their work as they go. They get the correct answers only after they submit at the end.

  • I usually allow multiple submissions for study guides.

What works for you? Will you share?


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