Student unable to log in

I have a student who shows up on the roster in go formative (imported from google classroom). She used go formative last year. When she goes to the link for the assessment, is says “You need permission.” with a login button underneath. She clicked the log in button, it has her sign in through her google school account, and then she gets a message that says uh-oh you need an app. Check with your teacher.
Everyone else in the class had no problem. She is using a windows computer and has tried on both IE and Chrome. What should I do?

Hello! Please reach out to our Formative support center, our team checks that much more frequently

Zoe Osherow
Customer Success

When I click on the contact formative support button, nothing happens…

Are you signed into your Formative account?

Yes, I am signed in.

I tried a different browser. Firefox wouldn’t let me click the link, but Chrome did–I have sent the message. Thanks for your help.

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One student (who I have before the rest of the whole class) got an authorization error when she tried to access the assessment. We made sure she was logged in with her correct email. I even made her log out and log back in. We even tried using firefox instead of chrome, but she’s getting the same message. What else can we try?