Student version of the tracker

Hi everyone

New to GoFormative but we’ve used it for a few months now. I absolutely love the student tracker as we can filter for type of activity and see student progress over time.

However, I’ve had some students say they wish they could see a similar view on their own accounts (obviously just for them). Is there anyway this can be done?



Richard, this is such a great idea. I think students would want to improve their learning if they could see how they improving over time. Also if teachers could give them digital badges at th end of a formative for students to collect.

Hi @OADV_Science, thanks for posting in the forum! Students are able to see how they’ve performed on standards. I’ll have to double check, but I think it may be available to students who are in a class that has a premium teacher.

If available, the link will appear next to the formatives tab on the dashboard:


It’s great they can see the standards but this is not the part I mean. I would like them to see the percentages on each formative set like the tracker of scores we see as teachers.

We don’t use the standards with our Year 9-11 (UK school) as its not on the standards site.