Student work not showing

Hi! I am new to fomative and love it. This is a current issue I am facing. My student is doing the work on her end, but I am not seeing anything completedd. She has done the same assignment twice but nothing is registered next to her name. * She has done other assignments in the past, so it has worked.
Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated!
See below:

Hi there, I took a quick look and that specific student has not answered any questions for that formative yet. They do appear to have access to the assignment so I would verify that the student is in fact completing the work. Maybe asking the student to screen share when completing that assignment may help.

Thank you. I made a video for her of my screen explaining the assignment and shared that. I am chatting live with her while she is working and I can see her progress.

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I have had the same problem. I can see some of the students work in individual questions but it is not showing on response page.

I think the assignment was confusing to my student so she said she did it but really didn’t. After offering to work with her online she was able to do the work- with my guidance.
I hope your issue gets resovled.
Thanks for the reply.

This seems very typical of this online new era. Students are getting nervous and all kinds of “technical differences” are appearing. Your reaction was just what she needed, support and guidance. I am finding myself understanding where my students come from more than ever during this weird time. I am also finding that GoFormative is a life saver these days more than ever. Have a great week! DJ

My student is doing the work and I have seen them do the work on their screen but it is not showing up on my side.

I just had a student send me a screenshot of their work but I still cannot see it on my side.