Students able to search for images

I LOVE that we can now just search for images to insert into a Formative…but I did not realize that students don’t have this ability. This is really upsetting for me as I teach newcomer ESL/SLIFE kids and have them searching/using images for everything…It is so much easier, especially for these students, if they don’t have to go through the step of saving an image only to upload it.

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I have them copy the image URL and insert that but the search feature for kids would be much easier!

But copy and paste doesn’t even work…I would even take that…Right now they have to save the image, find the image and insert it – it’s so many steps and super not easy for those that aren’t super computer literate…

Mervin, the search bar in the image tool is where my kids pastes the image URL. I find that if I use and in the thumbnail search view they right click “Copy image address” in chrome or “copy image location” in Firefox, they just paste it in the image tool search bar in Formative. See here: .

Those are great work around tips! And this is also super useful feedback! We currently have it this way to prevent students from possibly encountering images through googling that a teacher may want to avoid them viewing. Do your students know how to take a screen snip with their devices? They could also paste that into their response as well. To keep them all of one page, you could also embed whatever search engine you’d like to use, for example