Students are unable to see their completed assignment

I have assigned a Goformative for my students, and they have submitted their work. Now, they are unable to see their work as they are getting ready to study for a test. I do not have it hidden on my settings. I have checked several students computers, and they none of them can see the assignment while I can see it on my end. Please help!!


Hi @Stacy_Shilling, thanks for posting in the forum. Can you post a screenshot of the assignment settings, or add a link to the formative so I can take a look?

Hi, Stacy. Any time that I would have students have trouble seeing anything on GoFormative, it was because they had multiple tabs open on the iPad and a Formative was already opened. If you don’t have iPads, I’m wondering if they need to clear their cache by going to Chrome and clicking the three dots and choosing History - History - Clear Browsing Data. You may also want to do this as well on your end. Hopefully this helps. Have a wonderful day and weekend!


The settings you show say “don’t show scores” and “don’t show answers”. Also if students don’t formally submit the assignment then the “remain visible after submission” will not enable them to see the assignment after it closes.

I believe you will need to toggle “show scores” on, though you will not need to “show correct answers” unless you want students to have that information. Also, any students who did not submit, you’ll need to “force submission” which can be done easily in one click.