Students can't see custom score threshold colors set by teachers :(

Hi! I have been using Formative consistently in my classroom since school began this year, and it has become such a powerful tool for intervention and true formative teaching!

Also, I’ve been possibly the world’s biggest lurker on this forum since last May and have gleaned SO many wonderful tips and tricks along the way… Thank you all of your valuable expertise! :raised_hands:

*This is my first post, so deepest apologies if I didn’t put it in the right forum!

HOWEVER, there is one glaring issue that is driving me insane with my almost daily usage of Formative in my classroom… My students become so deflated and frustrated when they see red or orange on their question bubbles at the top of the formative …Even if the bubble is only red because I haven’t manually graded it yet (if there is a “correct” answer loaded in and Formative is scoring is “wrong”… I’m an ELA teacher, and I love to put sample paragraphs in as “correct” answers for me to refer back to as I am grading their responses).

From watching a training with Kelly Allgood (Formative Tips and Tricks Part 5)… it appeared that if you changed the score threshold settings and colors (i.e. to eliminate the RED), then that change would be reflected on the students’ accounts and the Formatives that they see (Allgood begins explaining and demoing this at around 20 minutes into the video). For example, Allgood completely changes the colors that she is using for her thresholds and seems to suggest that the students would see those colors on their progress bubbles as well and understand what those colors mean… Well I LOVED this idea and ran with it because I could see the potential to encourage our students to focus on their progress rather than just “Is it red because I got it wrong? :frowning:” …

So I made a “Formative Bubble Code” for my students that was related to my school’s focus on standards based grading (see my bubble code below).

I made the change on my teacher account and loved it! I went to school and explained it to my students only to find out that they STILL see the traditional “Red, Yellow, Orange, Green” colors on their accounts… Even if the teacher has changed the colors on their teacher Formative account. I asked a Formative customer representative about this today and she said that, sadly… This is the way it is right now on Formative… Students CANNOT see a teacher’s custom score threshold color changes reflected in their accounts.

Perhaps it is just me? But I feel that if students could see a teacher’s custom color score thresholds reflected in their own student accounts, then we could open up a new level of understanding and usage for Formative that doesn’t discourage students when all they see is red or orange! Additionally, it doesn’t really make sense for a teacher to change their own score threshold colors and yet have the students see another set of colors that don’t line up to what the teacher is using to give them feedback.

If this change could be suggested to the Formative team and implemented if at all possible, that would be wonderful!


Yes, please!!! I’ve tried to explain the “red” in written responses to the students to no avail. I would love it if they could see the color coding set by the teacher.