Students taking assessments

Once a student starts an assessment, can they close their computer and finish another time? Or do they need to finish the assessment in order to submit it?

A student can submit the assignment at any time, as long as the assignment settings allow it. Some things that would prevent a student from submitting are a scheduled close date on the assignment (and the date has been reached).

Thank you. I actually meant once they start the assignment are they able to close it and finish it at a later date? Or does it all need to be completed in one sitting?

An assignment does not have to be completed in one sitting - i.e. they can start the assignment, walk away and come back days later and everything done until they walked away remains. However, as @chris1 says, it depends on the settings you decided on.

  1. If you set it up as one submission by selecting either “Make hidden” or “keep visible (no edits allowed)”, they will only be able to submit once.
  2. If you close the assignment by either manually closing or setting a close date, students will only be able to take the assignment and submit/or not during the time it is open.

Thank you for clarifying! Makes sense!