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I know it has been brought up before, but I’m going to do it again because I think it’s so important with so many schools distance learning. Teachers need to be notified of students who have submitted work! Perhaps something similar to the notifications when students make comments, ask for help, etc. It is impossible to have to go through every single formative if you are using it on a daily basis to see who has and who has not turned in work. Please, please, please, add this feature soon!


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It’s an interesting idea! If you have a lot of formatives and students answering them, a notification for each submission may be a lot of notifications to go through.

We currently have a few ways you can see who has and who has not submitted an assignment. The results section will display a checkmark next to the student if they have submitted the formative.
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Also, our new tracker that we’re working on displays a warning over each formative and student if they have not submitted, so you can get an overview of all your formatives in one place.

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Thank you for the ideas, Chris. However, the first suggestion still requires me to open every single formative to see who has and who has not submitted them. I would then need to cross reference with my grade book.

The second suggestion using the tracker may be more realistic.

How about a notification per formative rather than per student? That way maybe you would at least have an idea of which formative recently had a student submit work.


I have been using another application that notifies the teacher of current student submissions. When you log on to your teacher portal, there is an icon at the top that shows a number (new submissions) in a red circle attached to it. When you click on icon, a pulldown menu appears with the assignments that have had recent submissions. You can then click on the assignment and it will take you to the assignment that has the students indicated. Just something for consideration.


Yes, I have to cross reference with my gradebook as well to see if there are any formatives that were done since the last time I graded. At the very least I would like to be able to sort by date submitted so I can see the newest submissions on top.

Side request: is there a way to make it so that student must submit an answer for every question so they can’t submit blanks?

Second side request: would also like the ability to not see responses for students that have not submitted yet. I recently graded several responses not knowing that the students hadn’t actually submitted and they saw my feedback and changed their answers before submitting.


What is the application you are referring too?


What about a way to set due dates on Formatives and then only receive a notification when a student submits the Formative after the due date? (I do appreciate the new feature of being able to sort by submission date!)


Yes, I have seen this in CommonLit. There is a bell at the top, and you can see the most recent submissions.

I second that some sort of notification would be useful. Even like a little dot that shows there are ungraded submissions on an assignment would be extremely helpful. I feel that it would be best seen on this page:

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