Submitted screen

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need a submitted screen - think tracking screen but with ONLY submitted Formatives. Having to sift through even the tracking screen is just so time consuming when students are turning things in at every time of day and on whatever day.


Hey! I’d be happy to get your feedback over to the team through our feedback page! Are you thinking of an extra screen option next to the edit, assign, and view response toggle?

I was just thinking this same thing…I create an assignment for every class and it is horrible to go in every day to see if students have turned it in. If there was a spot that showed there were new assignments turned in…it would cut my time down a lot. It could be on the main page where all the assignments are that states how many new assignments have been turned in. Then we know to go in and check.


Agreed. I hate having to search through all of them to see who has handed in late assignments.

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Another vote for this option. Currently, I simply emphasize that the assignment must also be submitted in Google Classroom. GC sends me an email when an assignment is “late”, and then I know to check. This works, of course, only if the student remembers to go to GC and click “submit”.

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YES!!! I just requested a feature to help tackle this issue. I requested a “Master List of Activity” so I could see who submitted what and when.


Add something to the tracker that shows all formatives/students with new activity since a specified date/time.

I, too, have virtual students who go back and work on old assignments (at my behest) to bring them up to 100%. However, it is cumbersome to figure out who did what and when was the last time I updated the grade for a particular formative!

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I love this idea! I could not agree more. When I get to my Formative home screen where the folders are, it would be helpful to have something like that “Master List” which starts at the top with what assignments were just turned in or assignments that were edited. It is hard to keep up with when students are turning stuff in between remote and in-person students.


Is there another way presently to see who has turned in the assignments right away? Instead of me having to go into the assignment and scroll through my classes to see who turned something in.