Submitting a Formative without Completing?

Is there a way to keep students from submitting blank formatives? I have students that submit a Formative so that it looks “complete,” but all of the questions are unanswered. Is there a way to make it so they have to complete the questions before submitting???

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Hi, Traci!

I have seen that students have become a little more “savvy” in their attempts to dupe us into believing that they have completed their work or answered questions. Honestly, even if Formative was to code that there needed to be text typed into an answer to represent a completed question, you know the students will most likely just enter gibberish so that the question would appear to have been addressed. They do that with Google docs (where you can code a question to be required), they’ll surely do that with Formative.

As frustrating as their behavior is, the best thing (only thing) that can be done is give them the F they deserve for their lack of effort. The Formative is evidence of such when providing documentation/explaining grades to parents, guidance counselors, etc.