Suggested Update to "Draw Feedback"

I thought it would be useful to be able to stamp a ‘checkmark’ or an ‘X’ in the different sections of my student’s paragraph writings which are uploaded as pictures in a “Show your Work” question type but we don’t have that feature in the “Draw Feedback” part of GoFormative.

I have been using the “Show Your Work” question type extensively to get my students to do some technical writings to explain phenomena in my AP Physics course and I would like to be able to easily give them feedback on the sentences where they are explaining the different concepts.

Having the students write their work in their notebooks (excellent for improving executive function) and me having a digital copy of it (as a picture) to read and give feedback has worked fantastically but it is difficult to give them feedback on the different parts of their writings in this form because it is a picture.

If we had a “Stamp feature” in the toolbar in the “Draw Feedback” part of GoFormative, that would be awesome to give specific feedback to the different parts of the picture/writing but also to keep track of the points (the number of checkmarks) as well.

I should also note, I love GoFormative during this year’s teaching and plan on using it extensively even when we are back to “normal”.


Hey Brad! I think this is an awesome idea! I added it to our feedback page on your behalf!

Thank you!