Suggestion - Assignment Categories

First I have to say that I love Formative and it has been my go to application to use this year.

My suggestion would be to have assignment categories that use default settings. For example - when I use Formative to assign homework I want students to instantly get feedback on if the answer is right or not and I do not have a closing time for the assignment. However, on quizzes I do not want them to know their score until the assignment closes and I have a set closing time on the quiz. It would be nice to just select “quiz” and have some of those setting default to the settings I use.


Hi Erika,
You do have some options with settings. These have been very helpful for me. When you “Assign” there an option to adjust settings. “Adjust setting (optional)” It is in grey so it is hard to notice. Once you put your mouse over it it is highlighted blue. “Adjust setting (optional)” then use the toggles to make your selections.

It gives you lots of options. These I use them all the time depending if it is a worksheet or test:
“After submission”
“Return scores”
“Return correct answers”

Return scores has an option to return “instantly” student will get feedback on each questions immediately after they select an answer. I also like to select let students make edits, see their scores after submission, but not see the correct answers for a worksheet. Lots of variabilities that I think will do what your are asking.

Hope that helps.

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This is an interesting suggestion! I can totally see the power in preset settings for different categories of formatives, especially if you’re using Formative frequently! I’m going to add it to our feedback board!

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