Suggestion: Reduce the number of correct answers shown to students

Since there are so many different ways for kids to type the correct answer when it comes to Algebra and Geometry, (Especially if I am having them type an equation in) I would love to only have one or two correct answers show up when they submit and go back to look. I end up adding a TON of correct answers as I grade (which is fine). But it’s confusing and redundant for kids to see a huge list of correct answers when they go back in to check their work. I would love to be able to just make one or two visible to students.


Thanks for the feedback, that’s a good idea.

YES! I completely agree with you!

I type of multiple versions so that they key accepts it.
But I don’t need students seeing so many versions! And I don’t even teach math!

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Yes! It would be great if Formative could distinguish between correct answers and their variations, and the feedback that learners view. I teach English, and we have the same issue.

I love the idea of having an “add” vs. an “add & hide from view” type option. I don’t know anything about programming, but I’d assume that it’s an easier fix than getting Formative to be able to distinguish between variations of answers. I mean, I’d love it if that were the solution, but that seems like a pretty big ask!

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