Suggestions for Improving formative

While I know there is a wish list topic, it was created a few years ago and has become a little long. I wanted to post some ideas for formative to help teachers.

  1. Have a “short title” option.
    The main title can show at the top of the page when students are completing a formative. Otherwise, the short title will appear. This will make things like Tracker and Formative lists cleaner.
  2. Toggle percentage and raw scores in Tracker
    If toggled in Tracker, put possible points at the top of the window. Then show current scores for the student in the data section.
  3. Once formatives have been answered, do not allow editing.
    I noticed the other day that, while showing someone how to answer the formative, I deleted the background. This then deleted the background for all students.
  4. List formatives ungraded
    With Distance Learning, students are working at their own pace. Due dates for formatives have been set weeks in advance. When wanting to go in and grade formatives, I have to click through every formative and response to see which ones have not been graded. If the formative list showed numbers for submitted/not-graded and clicking each would take you to a filtered view of formatives.
  5. More text control on “Show Work”
    It would be nice to be able to give proper feedback directly on show work section. The current method of changing font size is not-intuitive and limits the amount of feedback we can give. These font controls would be beneficial for students as well if they are required to type directly on a show work item.
  6. Create a feedback system with voting outside
    Before becoming a teacher 5 years ago, I was the VP of Information Systems for a behavioral training and development team. I designed and developed an online system for all of our paper-based assessments. I know that user feedback can become overwhelming and repetitive at times. When I started using UserVoice, it made completely changed our roadmap for the better. Unless you have a programmer sitting around doing nothing, using a service is much more cost-effective and in the long-run will make formative better.

This is a start. I look forward to feedback from formative and community members.


I am an online math teacher that has used goformative for 3 years. This program has adapted so much and continually improving. I will do the best to answer some of your questions but my responses will be short and not grammatically checked since I’m trying to respond between classes =)

  1. “”
  2. “”
  3. There is an option to do this in the assigning stage. I toggle this on and off all the time I would start there.
  4. I do admit this feature is lacking. A possible solution is to use the total screen. You can see everyone’s work and use random sort. A random sort is not random it groups all the students that have done some type of work. This may help.
  5. They just upgraded this feature. You can now add show your work to all question types which is great in math because you can have a numerical response with show your work. In addition, You can give responses to the student to show your work by clicking on feedback when observing there show your work. There is one bug, this can’t be done live because if students change anything on there end it will erase your feedback.
  6. I’m personally confused about this question. I would be interested in hearing more about which this feature is that you are looking for.

@Brandon_Gillins Thank you for contributing to the conversation.

#3. It is not an issue of them being able to edit the work. They are able to delete the background image. So, if I put up a graph, they can delete it, then their page is blank.
#4. Just looking for more text controls on Show Work. Right now the only way to adjust the font size is to change the line width.
#6. I am new to the community and have noticed many different posts regarding features. I also don’t see what is being prioritized as an option. As an educator, I want to invest my time, and money, into a system that I know is responsive to their active users. By using a third-party system such as User-Voice, you can offer a suggestion for improvements. Other users can vote for which features they would want implemented, and the developers can update with what is being worked on. It allows everyone to know if the dev. path is going to answer their concerns, or if they know of the limitations.

#3 Interesting. That hasnt been an issue on my end. That might be a temporary bug. I would contact support and most times they have a fix within the week.

#4 That is correct. Its different I had to create a video for my students to teach them how to do that.

#6 Oh I see. I do wish goformative would have an update page that would show new content they removed that from last year. Also, an email of new monthly updates would be appreciated too. I would agree with you too. It would be nice to know what update/upgrades they are priortiizing.

Color code different question types, makes it easier to identify multichoice from multiselection, etc.

Also, have a brief and small description before each question type, or at least hidden text, explanation box, with help as how to answer the question type to make it less confusing from changing from question types.

Thank you.