Tag a complete Formative to specific outcome/target

I like the way we can tag a question within a Formative to a specific outcome. Is there a way to tag a whole Formative to one outcome? I know I can tag each question within that, but if it is possible it is a time saver.



Totally! If the whole formative revolves around one target, I’ve done this:

  • do NOT tag any of the ‘point’ questions.
  • add a teacher-graded reflection question at the end of the formative (How did you feel about this concept? What questions do you have? etc)
  • make that question worth a ‘nice’ number of points (I usually choose 10).
  • tag ONLY that last question with the target.
  • as you review the last question, assign it the same point value as the student earned on the formative. (70% correct, 7 out of 10 points).

This saves you time while giving you data about targets mastered. :slight_smile:

Thanks - that’s a great solution. I’ll try that out, cheers!

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