Teacher paced vs student paced

I would love to see the option of being able to have the option to make a formative teacher paced for an in-class or live lesson.


Hi there,

It’s an interesting concept. Do you mean you’d like to present questions to students one at a time, similar to a slide show presentation?


I would love that too. At the moment I’m using Socrative for teacher paced quizes.


I think this would be a great idea. Also, the idea of 1 question per slide and once you move onto, you can’t go back (like socrative) would be great. I use Socrative a lot too, but Goformative trumps socrative in my mind because there is a show your work option that I want for Math.

For online assessments, it would be so helpful to have a testing mode where there is one question per screen, like a test pace so they can’t see all of the questions at once (easier to cheat).


Yes! That is exactly what I am I envisioning!

YES! A testing mode!!! That would be awesome!

This would be amazing! I was just thinking this as I was putting together a review assignment for my kids. I would so much rather do this as a class, one question at a time, and show the results up on my screen (anonymous of course), then talk through the correct answers and clear up misconceptions one question at a time… I was going to gamify it using another format but I just love the show your work feature SO MUCH for my science classes…

I would love this too! I have made great lessons to use live in class, and I love being able to see their work and give feedback, but I need to pace the class and would love to be able to pre-set a stopping question where students can’t go further, and then they can continue after I give the permission. The Close assignment locks everything at the place they are, which is usually all over the place and I have to reconfigure the lesson to allow time for students to get to a comfortable place to discuss.

Hey Jamie! I have good news, our team is currently working on giving teachers the ability to “lock” formatives!