Teaching Comparative / Superlative Adjectives (ELT)


I teach grammar and here’s a practice Formative that I prepared for my students. I know that there aren’t many teachers among us who teach English as a foreign or second language, but I would love to receive some reviews.

Here, students have already seen the topic at school. I put a video in case they need some additional support. Then they need to complete the sentences using the adjectives given in brackets. After that, they need to produce their own sentences looking at the chart. Finally, I asked them to record their voice while comparing their city and another city in our country.

Click here to see the Formative



I love the way you’ve scaffolded this activity from having students complete sentences to interpreting a chart and making comparisons. It’s also awesome that in addition to assessing their use of superlative adjectives in writing, you are also assessing their use of it in their speech. You’ve inspired me to give the Audio question type a try!


Great activity! Thanks for sharing! :smiley:


I like the activity choices. Depending on the level of the students you may want to specify the adjectives to use in the short answers. Well done.

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