Teaching prepositions?

Good Evening Community! I want to share this formative I created to practice prepositions with my upper level elementary ESL students. :slight_smile: I would appreciate any and all feedback!

Prepositions Part 1
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Hi @Rodney_Fowler, what a handy Formative for practice, or even introduction. The Quizlet was a cool addition at the end, however I did find myself getting annoyed at viable answers being rejected as they weren’t the specific ones - have your students experienced that too or is it just because I’m cranky at 10:40pm? :smile:


Hi @kallgood! Thanks so much for the input! It is case sensitive I have found, so I have entered all of the possible answers I will accept for the auto correct. I would highly suggest adding any options you will accept as correct answers :smile: Let me know if that makes it less tedious!

The formative itself was fine, it was the Quizlet that was frustrating!

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@kallgood…got it! I see what you mean not. Sorry! The “Matching” activities can be tedious…and tricky at times depending on the topic, and the info entered into Quizlet. This one definitely takes us a little longer :wink: