Technology Training Formatives?

Hi Everyone, does anyone use Formative in tech training for EDU? Looking for any specific embeds or experiences you have seen or used. Thanks!


Hey Barry, I am unfamiliar with tech training for EDU. Can you explain it to me? I’d love to help if I can!

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Hi David,

I am just meaning to use Formative to help train faculty/staff to use Formative or other tech tools(Office 365/Google EDU) I use it to train teachers how to use Formatives and understand how to integrate formative assessment, since I am not directly in the classroom every day.


Ah I think I see what you mean! When I went to ISTE 16, I got to attend a presentation where Crystal Kirch and Kate Baker were using Formative to teach others about how to flip their classroom. Here’s a link to the session overview and the session slides.

They taught participants about flipping classrooms and used Formative to:

  1. assess comprehension and gather questions based an instructional overview video they had made and embedded (Activity #1 shown in the slides)

  2. sharing their opinions about different types of tools they were encouraged to explore for flipping ( (Activity #2 shown in the slides)

  3. assessing their comprehension of different flipped lessons based on examples (Activity #3 shown in the slides)

I think you could apply these three examples of to using Formative for training teachers how to use other tools and teaching approaches well too. I’d love to hear what you think.


David, Excellent! Thanks, and nice work with the Appsmashing! I hadn’t tried Speakpipe before.

  • I am getting ready for the NYSCATE session I am presenting Nov. 18th- Any big pieces or presentation parts that you really want me to emphasize? I have an example formative I am having participants explore, showing a class, and attempting to get student data into a Tracker to show- without my own classes to use in the Tracker, do you have any example Tracker info I can use to show the participants am extensive use case?

Also- Am I able to qualify for the badge for Seeking Wisdom badge from this post and The Virtual Learning Session for viewing AppSmash today? That would complete my Level 2’s.


Good catch! You got it!

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I’d love to see some examples of Formatives that we could use to teach Formative to other teachers.


Here’s two formatives that I made which you can use to share Formative with other teachers.

This first one features three questions (math, ela, science) and are tagged to standards so that after your participants take it, you can show them their initial progress on those standards within the student growth tracker (even if they take the formative as guests). Just be sure to add the following standards sets in advance so their progress shows up in your tracker:

Common Core State Standards- 6th grade math, 5th grade ELA
Pennsylvania State Standards- 3rd grade science

Also, it’s important to note that their average will change over time as they take more questions tagged to those same standards:

The second formative I made is a fun, mixed bag of questions. They are not tagged to standards:


Thanks Barry! I asked Kate if she would let me share her formative with you and she said yes! Here it is: Formative

Also, I am glad to hear that you learned about Speakpipe. It was one of the original tools that teachers started to embed within Formative and it can be super powerful for learning!

Regarding the presentation on the 18th, I think it would be great if you could emphasize the fact that you can now tag questions to standards and track student growth across them. We aim to seamlessly connect the assessment process to the tracking process so that there is no data entry necessary. I think that your teachers will appreciate that along with getting deep insights into student learning.

Specifically, in addition to seeing class and individual student averages on formatives, you can now also see each student’s portfolio of work for every standard:

We recently updated our PD pack including a powerpoint and demo formative you can use! You can find both at the bottom of the page here.

I think another good thing to show off is the advanced question types. I was thinking about putting together another demo formative which includes them. Let me know if you’d like to take a peek!


@BarryD I’ve also got a demo account that you can use to show off extensive tracker data. I’ll PM you the details!


That’s a nice one. Can we change the standards to suit the learners level and teaching context.Thanks for sharing

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Yes! You can visit your profile at any time to add additional standards that you want to tag. You can then go into the formative, remove the current standards (if any), and replace them with the ones you want to tag.

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@barry_desain - I do! I’ll be completely honest, though… I REALLY try to focus on what the teachers are already using and doing. If they’re math teachers, show them a formative of a variety of ways they can assess/gather info via formative specifically for math! If they’re already doing some sort of morning work, exit ticket, or weekly test, simply show them that assessment transformed. If you don’t know this ahead of time, you can make one on the spot. Teachers will “buy in” when they see how easy it is and how it can make life easier than what they’re doing already. The fear comes from the unknown. So, focus on simplifying it specific to their needs and students.