Tell Tale Heart Formative

Here is a Formative that I made for the story “Tell Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe. I made a hyperdoc last year (before discovering Formative) and transformed it into this…
If you don’t teach this story, no problem! I wanted to share the format as one could easily use a similar format for many other short stories. I hope this is helpful to someone :smile: Good luck and have a great year!


I cannot teach this one since it’s middle school, but I like how you set up the formative and I always like students to look at parodies of the stories. Nice job!


This is great Taniya! I love how you make between Tell Tale Heart and the Simpsons! That one of the episodes I remember best!


@tbland- thanks so much for sharing your template. I think this would be extremely useful for our middle school teachers who are just now integrating Shakespeare into their lessons. They are using the No Fear Shakespeare books with their students and having access to quick checks, and additional content to help scaffold their learning through a formative would be extremely beneficial.

I think it’d be great to even have some of the text on there for the students to access and reference as they’re answering questions.

Thank you so much for sharing!

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