Timely Feedback Strategies

Had a great #formativechat last night one of the questions posed was 'What time management strategies do you use in order to give timely feedback?" Would love to hear people’s thoughts on this! @Certified_Educators @jomoskowitz @alison


Here are some strategies to share and get us to start the conversation:

  • Don’t accept students’ work if the quality is poor
  • Create a non-negotiable checklist (students must complete specific things before they submit their work)
  • Organize peer feedback (Peer feedback won’t work unless it’s structured and scaffolded.) and encourage students to give each other feedback
  • Promote self-assessment before submission
  • Provided focused feedback ( the rule of 3s)

I can across this article, increase the impact reduce the workload. I think this resource also gives some great strategies how to provide timely and effective feedback. https://goo.gl/mzAZ1A




@alison I love the idea of promoting self-assessment before students submit their work. As a math teacher, I taught my students strategies to do this when problem solving and on top of giving them the opportunity to discover their own mistakes, I found that this strategy also helped ensure that the conversations we had were ones where they needed support as opposed to ones that involved reminders of what they could already do themselves through self-assessment.

I tried to click on the link you provided but it looks like I need to request permission!

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Thanks for sharing! We always told that we need to give immediate feedback to our students but sometimes there are teachers (especially new ones) who doesn’t know what that looks like or how to incorporate other elements of feedback such as peer feedback. I definitely will be using this more.

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