Tips and Tricks for Using the Formative Library

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Yesterday, @fichtlis, @david and I recorded a webinar to help everyone discover why the library is awesome and to help them learn how to use it. I, personally, love the fact that the library allows me to find both rich and engaging lessons as well as simple practice within a matter of moments!

Here is a link to the webinar:

Here is a link to our slides, you can make a copy of them if you want to present on the library as well. The Formative Library! - Google Slides

We’d love to hear your thoughts about the webinar and about these
two specific questions:

  1. What do you think makes a good addition to the library?
  2. How can we encourage more people to rate formatives in the


If you’ve watched this webinar, you can fill out this quick form to earn a certificate of completion that you can submit to one of your school leaders for PD credit. We hope they accept it, but cannot guarantee it. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback!


IMO, a good addition to the library has standards tagged and can be used “as is”. What I mean by that is that if there are references to other sources (i.e. If the question says “after reading chapter 4” includes a link to said chapter or at least the book).
Also, the key is complete - not only for MC or categorize, but also short answer and others where students type.
Finally, the description gives some context to the formative.

  • Badges for rating may encourage some.
  • When selecting “add to my formatives list” a pop-up appears inviting the person to rate the added formative ("Your new formative has been added, rate now later, where now and later are buttons)

I do think that an addition as stated by mgarica, is to have the standards tagged into each. This could be done by the teacher or the Formative team.


This is a great point. It aligns with what we discussed in our webinar about submitting formatives that you as the author are proud of!

We’ve definitely talked about having site-wide badges for things like building formatives, giving feedback, using standards-tracking. I could see badges for rating formatives being a great one as well.

This is a great idea!

I think this would be helpful! We could definitely do things to encourage people to tag standards and make standards easier to tag. Let me know if you have any ideas around this!

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  1. What do you think makes a good addition to the library?

I agree with the tags. I really like having the ability to look for grade level specific, curricular areas and standards. As a librarian curating information is always ongoing. I too agree that the lesson should include a few specifics like name of a textbook/book and other resources used…

  1. How can we encourage more people to rate formatives in the
    I think more people would rate items in the library once they have used it. I think making it a task to get certifications or points for an account for things like t shirts, stickers(swag).