Tips for Math Teachers! (Please add ideas and provide feedback!)

Hi @Math_Educators!

We have recently created an article in the Help Center with tips for Math teachers using Formative. You can check it out here!

We’d love to hear your feedback on this so that we can make it a fantastic resource for everyone using Formative in a Math classroom. Do you have any tips we could add? Is anything missing the mark? Let us know here!

Thank you all :slightly_smiling_face:


I frequently use show your work with an answer blank (short answer or numeric) afterwards. It is a fantastic suggestion.

You could include that one problems can be written over multiple questions: the equation in one blank and an answer in a second.

My state exam uses text boxes for “show your work” problems, so using the essay box to have students explain algebraic thinking is also helping my classes ( I specifically ask them to solve by annotating their work ).


I just want to say I love the feedback on the Show Your Work. There is a small glitch that if students write while your drawing feedback it will erase all my notations.


I would highlight this aspect on the math page!


I was thinking of another update that would help math teachers is in the show your work section. That bar that shows the question is kinda poor to see the whole problem. It would be nice if goformative would add a button that would reflect the question above like an automatic image.

The effort to rewrite the question on the show you know is challenging for some especially my students with IEPs. I keep post images but this is twice the work and I really want to build all my resources using goformative.


Yes! This would be fantastic. Some of my kids are figuring out to screenshot the image and then upload to their show your work page, but not all.

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@Brandon_Gillins I agree. I always post the question, and then edit the Show Your Work background by uploading an image of my question, so it’s extra (tedious) work. This is especially necessary for Geometry where you want students to be able to mark up a diagram, word problems where you want them to be able to annotate the text, etc. It is a very tedious process to do that for every question, and the sizing/positioning does not always come out nicely, and even when I try to resize and reposition the image, it does not seem to save for whatever reason.

@rebecca - Let us know the development team can make the question automatically appear ON the Show Your Work background to be marked up, instead of just appearing in the small bar to the side of the Show Your Work workspace. Thanks!


It would be great to make the test so that students can’t copy and paste the questions so they can’t just paste the question on papamath or just google the answer.
(right now, i am making each question as an image and uploading it instead of just trying the question)

Also for photomath… i have been using “i” as my variable but I wonder if there is a way for G.F. to display the question in a way that apps like photomath won’t recognize the question …



I would be wonderful if G.F. has a function like where it won’t allow students to be on any other website other than the G.F. and notices the teacher if they try and locks the exam.
Thank you

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It’s great that I was able to discover this kind of webinar.
Its very useful, I will try my best to share what I’ve learnt.

It’s very good. I can see my students outputs.

This is great! The biggest issues I have with doing digital Math is the students being able to graph an equation and showing your work.

I could really use an improved way of entering answers. At a minimum, an ability to insert graphics would be tremendous. I would like students to see answers step-by-step and the current answer boxes do not allow this. Additionally, it is helpful for me to see the step-by-step when doing multiple calculations because I can more quickly assess where the student might have made their mistake, which affect grading as well as my response to them I love goformative, but this one area is a significant hindrance as a math teacher. Thanks.

I just posted a question/suggestion before I found this thread.

I teach high school math - trig and calculus. Some features of the Math input I would appreciate:
Keep the Math entry inline. I can hit return to put it on a new line if I want that formatting.
Give me the “raised dot” notation for multiplying - particularly helpful for function notation.
When we click on Math, how about just a blank box rather than making me delete your sample every single time.


Okay, never mind about the raised dot… Guess I should have thought about shift-8 and you took care of making that not a raised up asterisk!

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Will there ever be an option for students to paste images into “Show Your Work”? Saving their screen shots to the computer is an extra step that many of them struggle with.

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Is there a way to highlight students’ work? As I review the exit ticket Formatives after class, I pick three that did a great job of showing work and three that made an error. We call it “glows and grows”. Currently, I take a screenshot of the work, so the student names are not visible and paste the screenshots into a google slides to display during the next class. Is there a way to highlight the student’s work in Formative, so I can display student work anonymously?


Has anybody found a really good/ easy way of entering piece-wise functions into goFormative?

@Nicole_Manning I used to do grows and glows as well! On the view responses tab, you can select “hide names” , I’d also recommend sorting by “random” as an extra layer of anonymity.

I didn’t see a response to this yet. So I’ll ask also does anyone know of a way to type piecewise functions into go formative instead of snipping them and pasting them in?

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Yes, you can do this with LaTEX.

The complete list of Supported Functions is here.

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