Tips For Navigating The Community Center & Connecting With Others Here

Hey everyone,

We thought it would be a good idea to start a topic where you can post tips for navigating the community and connecting with other community members in our Community Center! Whether you are a new here or have been with us for a while, feel free to share what you’ve found useful!

I’ll kick things off! Here’s two tips for referencing what’s already been said without having to say it again!

If you are replying to someone and want to reference a post that you or another community member posted, you can click on the link icon (shown below) and paste it into your new post:

If you are replying to someone and want to quote something that someone else has said, you can simply highlight what they’ve written and hit the Quote button that pops up. The quote will be clickable so people can return to the original post from which it originated.

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Bookmarks are your friends. Whether it is a post that you are really interested in or an idea that you would like to revisit, bookmarking will save you the trouble of trying to remember the topic and give you easy access to others that are interested in the same things.


Make sure when you are making a post that you “tag” relevant community members and/or topics. @david is great about adding a tag in as well if it would help to reach more members. Sometimes my mind is going and I forget :slight_smile:


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