Tracker missing data

Every one of these has been submitted, yet they are not showing up in the tracker:


I cannot figure out why.

Hi @mbrewer, have you checked whether date or type filters could be filtering out some of the scores?

If that doesn’t seem to be it, could you send a screenshot of the entire page (including the URL) to us using our messenger? (Click the question mark icon near the top right of the page, then click “Start a conversation with us.”) Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

I experience this all the time, it is incredibly frustration and makes the data unreliable. Sometimes I log out and back in and some clear up but its hit and miss

I don’t know how the filter would be causing the problem: many columns have and are missing grades.

I’ll send you the link via messenger.

@mbrewer and I just discussed this :slightly_smiling_face: I’m going to post some info here about filters in case it is helpful for other users!

If you see blank spaces in your Tracker, this could be due to the following:

  • The student was never assigned that formative (for example, if you assigned to individuals within a class).

  • The student hasn’t started the formative yet or never answered any questions (in this situation, you can now force submit in order to grade their unanswered questions with 0).

  • The student worked on the formative on a date that is outside of the date range applied using the date filter. Note that the filter works using the timestamp on student responses. So if you assigned the formative during the date range, but a student worked on it later than that date range, that student’s score will appear blank. (To fix this, simply extend the date filter.)

I hope this is helpful! @seanquinn, could one of these explain your experience with the Tracker? If you think something else is going on, it would be great if you could screenshot the entire page and send it to us through the messenger. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have the same issue. Usually a refresh of the page takes care of it, but it is annoying that things do not show properly the first time.